Bali Life

Finally made it to Bali after traveling for 3 days straight. My expectations of this place did not even come close. It is absolute paradise. I had some reservations about being in the mountains vs. being at the beach since I am such a beach girl at heart but its so beautiful and calming being in such a secluded place.

Prana Dewi, my home for the next 30 days is comprised of a handful of bungalows spaced out amongst the rice paddies, a small open air restaurant, a yoga studio, and a gorgeous pool filled with natural mountain water. The bathrooms of the bungalows are completely outdoors, the toilet and sink area are covered by a little roof but the shower gives a new definition to outdoor shower. It is a bamboo stick that water flows from out onto a little wooden patio surrounded by luscious plants and tiny geckos running around.

I wake up every morning at 6am to roosters and some Indonesian chanting. Follow that with a half an hour of meditation and I'm feeling pretty zen after only 3 days of being here. Its funny that my biggest qualm was not having internet access because now the disconnection from the outside world is one of my favorite aspects about this process. I thought it would be a difficult transition but it hasn't phased me at all. I have no desire to check emails, social media, or text messages. I know there probably won't be another time where I have the opportunity to completely tune out so I'm taking full advantage of this technology cleanse and opting to check in only once a week. There's too much to enjoy here to spend my time on an iPad. Tomorrow after dinner I'm getting a one hour massage for $8!

So excited and grateful for this opportunity to be immersed in this yoga teacher training and focus entirely on myself. I can't wait to put everything I'm learning to use and actually start teaching! I still have so much adventure lying ahead, so much unknown, and so much possibility. Feeling very positive about life and grateful to myself for making my dreams happen.

Molly Rose