its all happening

Happy one week anniversary to my new (seasonal) home! Last Thursday I landed in Rincon, Puerto Rico to start a different kind of travel adventure. After the last two years of sporadic backpacking and moving in and out of hostels, air bnb’s, and friends' apartments, I decided this winter season that I was looking for something more stable. I wanted to get off Cape and out of America but I wanted to find a destination where I could settle down, if only for a few months, and develop some roots. I had quite the laundry list of criteria that this new location had to meet, and thanks to a few friends for urging me to check it out, I stumbled upon the salty little town of Rincon in the western most part of Puerto Rico. Not only does it check every box on my list but it is also *technically* still America which means no visa required and no foreign currency. It has the feeling of being in a different country while still having the option of driving to Walmart a few towns over if shit really hits the fan.

I stayed home a bit longer than usual this year. I hadn’t been home for the holidays in two years and after losing my Gram this summer, I decided it was important to be home with family. I forgot how gorgeous the fall season is in New England. I found myself driving around the back roads of route 6a, getting lost in the foliage, and feeling completely awe-struck by the beauty of my home. I remember driving home from my boxing class one morning, taking the same route I had all summer, and suddenly noticing how the leaves had changed. In an instant I was no longer mourning the ending of summer but instead welcoming the change of seasons with bright eyes and open arms. It was important for me to experience this old, familiar sight from a new perspective. I hadn’t lived on cape past the summer since high school and being someone who doesn’t like to stay in one place for too long, I was a little nervous about the extra three months I’d be staying. But after a collective 15 months of traveling the world, my perspective on life and home is very different. I have a newfound appreciation for the little things in life; the small wonders of the world. I find beauty in my surroundings regardless of where I am and I feel gratitude with every passing second for this incredible life I’ve been gifted. So in the blink of an eye those extra three months came and went and suddenly it was the day after Christmas and I had two days to pack up and prepare for the next journey.

Our flight landed around 4:15am. In the midst of my Puerto Rico planning and excitement, I once again recruited my friend Meghan to join me for the adventure. We had a ride waiting for us and although we both didn’t get much sleep thanks to the non-reclinability of our seats, we were awake with excitement to see our new home. We drove along the coast from the airport in Aguadilla to our new little beach bungalow in Rincon during the early hours of the morning and I fell in love the second I saw the sunrise.

We’ve now been here for one week and it keeps getting better. With very minimal effort besides my overall optimism and faith in the universe, everything has played out perfectly. We have ourselves the perfect beach home, in the safest area, with the sweetest and most welcoming locals for neighbors. We’ve found jobs, sitting on a beach renting paddle and surf boards and hopefully serving in a restaurant as well. I’ve already found a boxing gym and a yoga studio and the community has been extremely welcoming. Every day seems to get better and better and Meghan and I keep finding ourselves looking at each other in awe as events continue to unfold in our favor. Per usual, there has been no shortage of hysterical encounters and situations; from arriving three hours early to the airport and somehow still almost missing the flight, to the stray cats that make their way into the house, to Meg falling in the middle of the road; we are constantly laughing and smiling.

I always consider myself to be an extremely lucky person but I know this is more than luck. It is the result of my attitude, perspective, and beliefs. It’s the result of a consistent practice that has become a lifestyle. Three years ago I was lying on the beach in Costa Rica, dreading the impending end of my vacation and return to my life in Boston. For as long as I can remember I had a dream of traveling the world, living an unconventional life, and leaving behind bleak winters and 9-5’s. Of course there was always a reason why I couldn’t pursue that dream. Fear always finds excuses. It is insanely difficult to step out of your comfort zone and our society has a terrible way of making our dreams seem unrealistic. But there was something in that Costa Rican air that sparked a light bulb in my brain. It was a very clear and concise thought, simply “if you want to do it so badly, then do it!” And just like that, I felt that my dreams weren’t so crazy after all. They suddenly felt easily attainable and I became determined to make them happen. Fast forward three years and I don’t even know how many countries later, and I can say with complete confidence that I have never been happier or more exhilarated in my entire life. I am living a life that is BEYOND my wildest dreams and it continues to get better and brighter. There isn't a shadow of doubt in my mind that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be. My hope is only to radiate that light and positivity to everyone I encounter and perhaps inspire a few people along the way. Its ALL possible!

And in the words of my favorite character from my favorite movie..

Its all happening!

Salty smiles, endless love and the happiest new year wishes to all! xoxo

Molly Rose