Life is but a dream

I always hate goodbyes. They are so final and so melancholy. I much prefer a see you later. So 25 see you laters have been said and now here I am in Ubud, back to my original travel companions; my backpack and my yoga mat. Plus a couple of friends I picked up along the way. Happy to have spent  the last few days with an incredible group of people in the spiritual heart of Bali. From teaching a karma yoga class at the local school for children with disabilities to salsa dancing and late night talks by the pool, we definitely made the most of our last week together. I am so grateful for our special circle and the lifelong connections I've made. It was a life changing month and I'm humbled to have spent it with so many inspiring individuals. We've officially made it to the starting line! Now the real adventure begins!

Ubud is a bit of sensory overload coming from a month in the mountains more or less isolated from civilization. Clothing shops line the streets, filled with tourists and motor bikes zipping by. There is a vegan cafe on every corner and laughing buddha statues everywhere you turn. The balanced feeling I had leaving the mountains dissapated quickly and I found myself feeling homesick and totally confused the last few days so I decided a day of pampering would make me feel better. After a stressful 2 hours trying to find FedEx to ship a package home, I settled on the post office, spent $80 to ship home some books and clothes that I won't be needing (which takes 2-3 months by the way) and I ended up poolside for a few hours in the sun. Then I hit up the spa and for $50 got a mani, pedi, facial, full body massage, sea salt body scrub, and a bubble bath with rose petals. Follow that with a delicious, healthy dinner at a beautiful restaurant for $10. God, I love the prices here. Amazing what a trip to the spa and some good food can do for you!

I feel completely rejuvenated and ready to conquer this next adventure. Just have to conquer the monkey forest tomorrow and then I'm saying see you later to Ubud, and heading onward. I'm not sure where yet but I know it will be on the coast. I've got another 6 days to kill in Bali before I leave for Bangkok and I have every intention of spending them on the beach.

Molly Rose