Four days in Prague came and went and here I am once again trying desperately to get my backpack to zip so I can throw it on and head off. I will be so relieved when I can send a few things home and free up some space in this bag!

The 'city of spires' as Prague is so aptly nicknamed, has some of the most stunning architecture I've seen thus far. I had a few moments where I questioned if it was real. Walking through a cobblestone square, passing a gorgeous fountain and then looking up and feeling as though I was approaching Sleeping Beauty's castle.

Per usual, we spent a lot of time aimlessly wandering through the city. Climbing to the tops of towers and cathedrals for awe inducing panoramic views.

I was bursting with excitement when we stumbled into the Old Town and came across a slew of Thai massage joints. I wouldn't say it was "cheap" considering I compare everything to Asia, but it was much more reasonable than it would be at home. Meg had never experienced the magic of Thai massage and reluctantly she agreed to try out a foot massage. 30 minutes of bliss later and we decided we'd return the following day for a the back, neck, and shoulder massage. Stepping into the joint I felt like I stepped right back into Thailand and the joy it brought me confirmed that I need to return immediately.

Combining my love of graffiti and my love for The Beatles/John Lennon, the "John Lennon Wall" was a must see for me while in Prague. The wall was originally painted on back in the 80s as an expression of freedom and retaliation against communism. Most of the original artwork has been painted over but the wall remains a billboard for peace. Ironically, it stands directly across from the French embassy.

Prague is the least expensive city we have been to so far. Four nights accommodation, three meals a day, massages, transportation, souvenirs, and a few other random expenses and I've only spent $175. Beer ranges from under a dollar to a little over 2 dollars and is consistently cheaper than water and sometimes even coffee. The cuisine unfortunately is not geared for vegetarians. Goulash, sausages, and pork knees are among the country's specialties and on average 2 out of my 3 meals were from the grocery store. Which also explains how I managed to spend so little. We did miraculously find a falafel spot today and if my stomach had eyes I think they would have cried tears of joy. Follow that up with a tredelnik, a spiral pastry covered in cinnamon sugar and lined with Nutella and for the first time in four days I actually felt satisfied.

I am not sad to be leaving Prague. The city is beautiful and I've enjoyed it very much but I'm ready to move on.

Tomorrow I'm returning to Rome for the first time since studying there five years ago and I can't quite express my excitement. I feel like I'm going home, returning to the city I fell in love with so long ago. Just one more sleep and we will be there! We're so close I can taste it...and I can't wait because after this disappointing Czech food I'm really hankering for pasta and gelato :)

Molly Rose