Until next time, Bali

Sad to be leaving Bali today. After a month and a half it really started to feel like home. Spent the last few days in Canggu, a surfer town on the west coast with beautiful beaches and beautiful people. It has a much more laid back vibe than some of the other popular beach towns and after the sensory overload in Ubud and Seminyak, I found it very refreshing.

I found a gem of a hostel that felt more like a vacation home and met some pretty awesome people. If you are ever in Canggu stay at The Temple, for $14 a night you get a room cleaner than my own at home, a sweet pool, and a kitchen. Plus Berlin, the Balinese guy that runs it will show you a fun time and teach you to surf (or go catch some waves with you if you're already a pro).

In the last 3 days I cruised around town on the back of a motorbike, watched the cotton candy colored sunset on the beach, learned to surf, taught my first yoga class, ate fresh Mahi Mahi and rice using a palm leaf as a plate and my fingers as utensils, and danced all night to live music at the local hotspot (Deus is the place to be on Sunday nights).  I'm really going to miss this place but I'm pretty sure I'll be back before long.

Off to Bangkok for the next 48 hours. I'm excited to do some solo exploring and see what this crazy city is all about. On my to do list: get multiple Thai massages, eat copious amounts of pad Thai.....that's all I've got (suggestions welcome). I don't speak a word of Thai and I have none of the local currency in my wallet, or any idea what the exchange rate is. But that's all part of the adventure..

Thailand here I come!

Molly Rose