alchemy of breath & sound— 1:1 sessions

On my own personal healing journey, I have found breathwork and sound healing to be the most profound and deeply transformative tools.

In this intuitively crafted container, you are given the space to peel back layers, to shed, release, and return to the authentic truth of your being. In a safe space I will guide you through releasing physical and emotional debris to create space in your body, mind, and spirit. Resulting in a recalibration of the nervous system, a feeling of clarity, elevation, and alignment.

Breathwork is an active meditation technique that shifts and alchemizes stuck energy in the body. Through the power of intentional breath we are able to enter an altered state of consciousness to access, process, and release emotional debris from our cellular memory. This may include working through conditioned behaviors, reprogramming subconscious limiting beliefs, unraveling past traumas, repressed emotions, and physical tension.

Sessions begin with a conversation in which you are free to share anything you are working through and where I may intuitively asses your needs and where you may be carrying blocks in your body and energy centers. I’ll give you a synopsis of the current astrology and how it applies to you and then we will move into the work. This includes about 35 minutes of active breathwork followed by an extended savasana and crystal sound bath.

single 75 min session, virtual or in person: $111

inner alchemy: transformational coaching

Awaken your radiant self. You deserve to live a radically aligned life. A life filled with purpose, joy, and intention. One where you’re naturally magnetizing relationships and opportunities that light you up while navigating the tough moments with grace and ease. So how do you get there? You dive deep. You face your shadows & fears, and you transform your entire way of being from the inside out. This is often uncomfortable work and requires a willingness to commit. Through coaching, yoga, embodiment practices, astrology, and my own intuitive gifts, we will work together one on one to identify where you are stuck, blocked, or uninspired. This spiritual mentorship will take you on a journey through the deepest layers of Self, following the cycles of the moon and transversing through the chakras, opening up your energy centers to bring you into a state of alignment, abundance, and wild bliss.


  • weekly coaching calls

  • one intuitive healing session per month (virtual or in person)

  • personalized rituals and practices

  • unlimited email access to me for the duration of the program

single alchemy session: $88

one month alchemy: $222

7 week chakra journey: $444

in tune with the moon: lunar coaching

The moon is a celestial body that rules over our emotional states, governs the ebbs and flows of the tide, and moves through phases from darkness to light. Each month she waxes and wanes on a journey across the sky, moving through each of the 12 zodiac signs. Each sign she moves through characterizes the energy that we feel and offers insight into our personal journey. The different phases of the moon all present an opportunity to work with our own energetic states. In this coaching model we will work with the phases of the moon and the specific cosmic energies occurring.

This deep dive into astrology will include:

  • an in depth look at your natal chart

  • 4 x one hour coaching calls, virtual or in person, over the span of a 28 day lunar cycle

  • personalized rituals, embodiment practices, and journaling prompts relevant to the lunar phase & sign

  • guided meditations & breathwork

  • one intuitive energy healing session

complete moon phase program: $333/ moonth

single moon phase session: $77

yoga teacher mentorship

For yoga teachers & trainees looking to define & refine your voice, build confidence, and deepen your understanding of the role of the teacher.

Define // What led you to teach yoga? What are your passions and beliefs? Develop clarity about who you are as both a person and a teacher and what you hope to share with your students.

Details // Review functional alignment, anatomy, verbal and non-verbal cueing, the use of props, intelligent sequencing, and more. Includes posture lab videos and worksheets to print.

Delivery // Refine your voice to convey confidence and presence. Learn to elicit emotion, weave in philosophy, and teach to the students in front of you. Review hands on adjustments and the use of music in your classes.

Depth // Let’s dive deeper to develop your unique offerings and explore further topics that weren’t covered. We will address energetic hygiene, strengthening your home practice, staying inspired, and developing long term goals.


  • 4x one hour virtual calls or in person meetings spread out over the duration of 2 months

  • unlimited email access for the duration of the program

  • weekly assignments and exercises

  • print outs and video content

  • a compassionate critique of your teaching

investment: $444


workshops, private sessions & public classes

Fall Schedule:

  • wednesday 7:30-8:45am gentle basics, Orleans Yoga

  • thursday 9:30-10:45am hatha flow, Centerville Yoga

  • thursday 5:30-6:45pm vinyasa flow, The Yoga Collaborative

  • friday 8-9am vinyasa flow, The Yoga Collaborative

  • friday 4:15-5:30pm slow flow, Orleans Yoga

  • saturday 9:30-11:00am vinyasa flow, innerglow yoga

Please note that these prices are reflective of the hours of training I’ve completed, the caliber of my work, and what I feel my time is worth. With that said, I believe that everyone deserves access to healing and support. If you are feeling called to work with me and finances are a concern, please reach out and we will find a way to make it happen.